Thursday, December 27, 2007

Snow Day!

Alright, there isn't any snow on the coast, however, it was cold (39 degrees was the low) to the quick this morning and I could see the mountains clearly braced against a perfect delphinium blue sky. It isn't often that the air feels clean enough to bathe in.

I relished the heat in my car and contemplated a run for coffee on my way in this morning and then thought "Run? hummmm....I should take up running again".

I'll never be a fast runner, I tend to just sort of plod along and think happy thoughts or no thoughts at all. But it's quite an exhilarating feeling, there are beautiful coastal areas with good paths.

It would be engaging to pick up a hobby with a runner's club. I have an old contact that should be able to give me the information and set me up.


shell said...

brr! 39 is cold for socal. it's 29 up here in norcal and i'm freezing! (okay, so i'm in my office where it's warm, but if i were to go outside, then i would be freezing)

i think joining a runners club would be great. i'm going to join of the team in training groups up here so i can get a little more motivated, too.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

I can't imagine 29. I'm a cold weather wimp. I'd much rather be hot and languishing in the heat than smacking my hands together to get warm.