Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Golden Compass

I finally saw the movie! I went with a friend and the girl. The boy was to come but had a change of plans. The movie felt like the book on speed. The director tried to get the entire book into the time of a show and it just didn't work. However, the costumes are gorgeous, red eyes and all Nicole Kidman is just a beautiful woman. The movie makes me want to put my hair up in a 40's style and throw on my false eyelashes (I bought them a couple years ago and lost the reason to wear them).

The worst part of the movie was the credit music. Since when does the credit music sing about the movie? "Oh, Lyra and her soul?" *barf* It ended at an earlier place than the book as well - like they ran out of money to do the ending sequence and are hoping to pull off the second book next winter.

The armored bears, well - Iorek was sexy for a polar bear.

The girl liked the movie enough. She watched it while hanging, flipping, and crawling on the railing. We go to the first showing for a reason.


Elise said...

I didn't think much of the film... Its no Lord of the Rings! Nicole Kidman looked amazing though. Loved her winter coat. It not enough to convince me to buy on dvd though x

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

I was thinking of how it could have been improved - but aside from making it much longer, it is impossible. There are other books that would make better movies. :)