Saturday, December 8, 2007

An Boy Update

I haven't mentioned the boy for awhile. He is busy, busy, busy. He has a steady girlfriend now and spends every minute he can on the phone with her or with her and sometimes with his friends. I knew it was coming, but I miss him!

As I was dropping him off at her house this morning I told him "Be good!" and he dropped his voice and raised an eyebrow and said "Oh I'm good...very good!". I smacked him and he laughed and said I started it. Still it unnerves me.

I also brought up safe sex but found myself feebly saying at the end, so if you have sex, make sure to use an condom that is NEW and, and, and, and, don't have sex. Yeah, I'm really smooth...

Anyway, we spent the afternoon looking at his Christmas present. His present costs a little less than my first car. It's a flute. A $1,990 flute. I am so grateful I can get it for him, but I'm also shocked by how much it costs. I know it will serve him through college, but still... he did say he'd really like a bass flute and it's double what the new flute costs and I laughed and said, "Honey, that will be something you can save for on your own."

So, that is my boy update.


TED VELVET said...

this one time at band camp...does his chick play the flute? have you warned him how manipulative and evil your sex is yet? c'mon it's your job as a mother, sell out your sisters and tell him the truth.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

I think he caught on to the evil female thing early, I'm one of the evil ones.

And I did tell him to use a condom NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS. But also I told him to not, of course, have sex. Hopefully, he will take at least one of the pieces of advice.

He has also had experiences with crazy chicks. So this girl is a nice break from the Entitled Princesses or Psycho girls of the past.

Anonymous said...

Oh scary scary! How old is he again?

Good call on the bass flute. Honestly, it's so rarely used (uh, flute ensemble only) and most schools that have the capability to have a flute ensemble can also buy a bass flute for the players to take turns with.

(Rebecca, from't sign in to my blogger account for some reason...)