Monday, December 10, 2007

The Boy's Theory

Soda is on sale - buy 2 cases get 3 cases free. So I bought some diet ginger ale to use as mixers and regular ginger ale for the kids as 'a once in awhile' beverage. I bought a case for a friend who was looking for cranberry Sierra Mist.

So I told the boy (who was SHOCKED to see soda in the house) how little it cost and he said, "Mom it's only cheap because milk prices are rising". To be honest, I have not noticed, the price I pay is the same price I've paid for years - the organic stuff is always $6 per gallon. He said the price of the regular milk is inflating quickly and parents are giving their kids less milk and replacing it with soda, because it's cheaper.

Now, parents can take away the milk, see their kids face light up and feel okay about saving a couple dimes. So I asked him "Water is almost free - why not just serve water?", and he said, "Because then you feel like your denying your kid, and then the soda company gains a lifelong customer".

I love that at 14, he already has conspiracy theories.


TED VELVET said...

i love conspiracy theories. i don't believe most of them but I love them anyway.

Christopher Gehler said...

That's brilliant! I'm a college student so I do have to say, he's right about milk prices and we were studying it, not that you care, but damn! That's awesome that 14 year old knows about that to begin with, and then spins a theory on it!

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Ted - I love them too, only I do believe some of them. I think i'm "slightly" nuerotic.

Christopher- He's a funny kid. now if only he would work on his AP class instead of calling his girl.