Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ready for the party...!

All I need now is a nap and I'll be ready to go.

I have the gift...

Absolut in a disco ball case

I have the dress...

black, sleevless, with a tiny bit of sparkle

And the shoes...

black heels (of course)

Hopefully, I'll make it to church tomorrow.

I have tried posting pictures but for some odd reason it's not working...I'll try again later.

All I could get was...

I don't normally show pic's of this side. I have a scar that shows most from this angle. Hopefully, the pearly whites will distract you. Hummm....I think the lipstick is too pink alone. I didn't leave the house with it on - I added a copper. And maybe I need to learn "party" makeup...Most of the women had very artful makeup on.

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