Friday, December 21, 2007

O' Holy Night!

I have the most dear friend. She knows just how crazy, compulsive, angry, and confused I am and she STILL chooses to be wonderful to me. I've had lots of close friends who sort of freak out and just leave. People seem to expect more of me than I can give and she expects nothing.

Anyway, she asked if I had lunch plans and I said yup, I need a tree. I have one of the smallest sub compacts and no roof rack. And there are four days till Christmas. We checked out the trees but most were 12 feet or more but to the side was a pile of trees wrapped in twine. We were starting to see what they looked like by standing the upright and were told they were mystery trees. You can't open them up until you buy one.

We looked at each other and grabbed one. I thought it was about 6 feet tall. They trim the bottom, put it on a shaker and tied it on my car. We drove to the house and rolled it off the roof. It was HEAVY. We drag it to the house and stand it up. Only it won't stand without gauging the popcorn ceiling. It's about 8 inches too tall. Unable to deal with it, we stuck it in a pot of water. We were laughing so hard.

So tonight, the girl watched while I trimmed off a bit from the top and got it in a stand and set it up. I put tons of lights and it is just beautiful. All of the lights are frosted and there are regular style, little pearls and big pearls. I have about 600 more lights I could add but I'm too tired to keep climbing the ladder to reach the top.

My hands hurt, they are cut up and have sap stuck on them, I'm still sick, but I'm so happy the job is done and it is the prettiest thing you have ever seen. The boy is cleaning the house tomorrow - floors, mirrors, dusting, putting movies away and organizing. I think he should invite his friends over more often.

Now, all I need to do is plan Christmas Day dinner. I have an idea about serving crab and prime rib, but I have never cooked either. It's on my mind though... Traditionally, Christmas Eve is simply pizza for us.


TED VELVET said...

surf and turf christmas dinner nice. prime rib sounds good don't over cook or i'll be pissed and throw my fez down in disgust.

What The Hell Is This Shit?! said...

Maybe a Target faux tree clearance trip is in order after Xmas? :)

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

So Ted, what are you going to have for dinner?

wthits - I've had one but it just sort of fell apart. Besides what is the fun in a tree that doesn't cause a minor allergic reaction?

Rebecca said...

FYI - Baby Oil takes sap right off.