Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Entertainment aka a Good Date

Yesterday, after dropping the boy off at a friends (he does this rpg with a friend and his parents and his parent's friends on the weekend), I drove to the theater with The Girl. She has been begging to see The Game Plan for almost a year and I have been avoiding it. I really hate sappy Disney movies and I also really hate The Rock. Mostly because he eyes are too close together and his teeth are REALLY long. I know, I should over look all that - it's not like he can help how he looks, but also a lot of humongo muscles make my skin crawl (in a bad way).

So I bite the bullet and just drive. We get to the theater and find seats and...the movie was not that bad. I mean icky muscles and all. The Rock did something I didn't think he was capable of...he made fun of himself. So now, while The Rock doesn't have another true fan, I've stopped the hate.

As soon as the credits were up the girl wails, I'M HUNGRY, I HAVE TO EAT NOWWWWW! So we hurry out and eat at Pomodoro. She was crying she was so hungry. I don't know how that happens - she ate less than 90 minutes earlier, but it meant our movie was turning into an unpredicted show AND dinner date. We did get to sit on the patio and there was a live band across the way in the courtyard. It was altogether a lovely night. The outside lights were on , candles were lit, and 70's music was being played, and I had a delightful dinner conversationalist as my guest.

After the show we bumped into friends at Barnes & Noble. It was funny because The Girl whispered to me, "Hey, that's L from school." I guess he was telling his parents about The Girl at the same time. They were pretty sure they were classmates (this all finds me quite hysterical) but they were in 'street clothes' and couldn't be quite sure since they were in the wrong clothing. Once they made the identification, they were quite chummy.

By now it's about 8:30 so we make out purchases and head back the the car. The band is still playing and The Girl wants to dance. So she dances in front of the band, and then starts doing gym stunts to the music. Cartwheels, round offs, handstands, back bend kick overs, she realizes she has an audience and she just hams it up. She is just so beautiful to watch, she has so much grace. At her age, I was the kid who tripped over my own feet and never managed a proper cartwheel. The highlight of her night was when the lead singer called her sweetie.

On the way back to the car The Girl told me I should have danced with her. I don't dance. I've been to dances and danced, but I've never enjoyed it. And the idea of me dancing at an outdoor concert leaves me horrified and embarassed. At once I Emmy's comment about adults having more fear hit me. I wonder how many times I operate out of fear more than bravery.

How many more chances to dance in the moonlight will I pass up?


KansasMama said...

I, for one, would like to smell what The Rock is cookin'. He is on my laminated list of men I am allowed to sleep with, and now that he's single, and you're not interested, he's MINE! All MINE! Bwah ha ha ha!

moooooog35 said...

When you think you're going to be embarrassed by something, just do what I do:

You say to yourself, "Do I actually CARE what these people think...or who I am...or what I'm doing?" More importantly, will you ever see these people again and - even if you do - will they remember that it was YOU who did that?! Probably not.

Then just do it.

..just don't go too overboard with what you ACTUALLY DO. This is how people get arrested...or end up in gay orgies.

..don't ask me how I know this. Just trust me.