Friday, October 19, 2007

Just Another Friday

  • Did "stuff" at work
  • Noticed that when I turn to talk in my chair my skirt is too high. And solved the mystery of why people have been coming into my cube all day to talk. Slightly embarrassed.
  • Went to the gym. I couldn't even find my gym ID, it has been TOO long. For a second I stared at the treadmill...I couldn't remember how to turn it on.
  • Harassed every coworker with vents about how it was Friday and no one was dancing or even excited. Did the merengue in my cube. Alone.
  • Drank water. I am caffeine free. For now.
  • Bought tickets for a show Saturday.
  • Danced some more alone in my cube. I need to be entertained.
  • Went to dinner with the girl. She told me I chose a "Lovely restaurant". Seriously, my 5 year old was impressed.
  • And now I am going to sculpt a butcher knife out of chocolate and vanilla fondant. It is step one in my "build a bloody cake" adventure.

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