Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Field Trip

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I was all ready to write about invisible bathtubs and raisins are people too, but sadly the opportunity never came up. We went to a farm to pick pumpkins, vegetables and to pet goats.

We got there and watched the girl interact with her classmates - something a working mom has few opportunites to see first hand. This means I watched her interacting witht the boys. The girls would give her hugs and try and get her to stay with them, but she was of course, right in the middle of the boys. S is her best guy friend and when they partnered up, he grabbed her hand. He didn't let go until their hands were so sweaty they just slid apart.

moooooog35 said something about dads and field trips (he has the funniest guy blog I've ever read titled "Mental Poo"), so I thought I'd give a "mom" impression of the dads. We had one dad show up and he was "super dad". After walking through a cornstalk labyrinth, the kids (and moms) were tired, hot and dusty. So dad brought some water bottles and told the kids to lean back while he filled their mouths in a sanitary fashion. The kids looked like a bunch of baby birds with their necks bent cackwards and water being dropped in.

Moms would never have done this baby brid trick. Someone would get wet (they did), someone would want to spit it out (they did), someone would cry they got too much (they did), and some kids couldn't get enough cried about that too. But he won the super coolest dad medal from all the kids because...he wasn't a mom.

And dads are a little riskier.

I wasn't a risk-taker and declined being fed water. In retrospect, probably one of my smarter moves as I was wearing a white tee shirt.

We did get the purdiest pumpkin in the patch though.

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moooooog35 said...

..and I was SO looking forward to your next set of pics: "My wet white t-shirt and my proud pumpkins."

Thank you for the kudos, by the way - much appreciated.

I have to tell you though, I had to reread your first paragraph where you said:

" pick pumpkins, vegetables and pet goats"

I thought you were picking "pet goats". I was then wondering - "Good GOD...what kind of jack-o-lantern will she be making with those poor pet goats?!?"

Let me know when you post the pics of your pumpkins.

Thanks in advance.

Dehlia said...

Yea, but dads got it easy. So few of them show up on field trips that when one does they're sure to steal the show away from us moms.(lol) Really enjoyed reading this post.
By the way I added a link to your blog site on my blog. Hope yu don't mind. I just wanted to share it with others be3cause I enjoy it sooo much.