Friday, October 26, 2007

Shameless Advertising

I have a thing for a well run mom and pop store. Whether it's a restaurant, clothing store, baking supply shop, or hand crafted items store - if it's run by local people, they get my business first. Last night is the perfect example. The boy has his date (an older woman, lol) and now he needs the clothing.

So we went to Milano Galleria at the Westminster Mall. It's a tiny shop and run by Mohammad Yahya. Geeze could the man sell! He was friendly, gave the boy advice (which was funny stuff like - show up with your tie on correctly but as you head out to the dance floor loosen it). It was even funnier with his jolly India accent and wide arm gestures and my goodness, was he friendly! He even had the boy get into a full suit just to see what it would feel like for the dance.

As we left the boy and I were chuckling and the boy remarked that Mohammad had really found his perfect calling and no matter what career he ends up in that he is half as happy. So if you or your offspring need a suit - stop by and say hi to Mohammad.


Anonymous said...

Really does sound like you guys had a great time shopping. I also love mom/pop places. Dh and I used to frequent this Mediterranean restaurant.... the most awesome Falafel, this wonderful schwarma (sp) with garlic sauce, smokey babaganoush (sp) baklava, etc... we used to eat there several times a week for lunch. Sadly it closed down after 5 years (poor location). We did our best, to frequent it, though, and tell others about it. I still get cravings for their food.

Don't think I'll be out there any time soon, although maybe in 15 years...ds may be old enough for a suit. ;-)
Tammy (tamamah)

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Tammy, thank you for your comment! If you do head over to the west coast, I know the best Middle Eastern restuaruants in Long Beach.