Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Bloody Cake

I love to make pretty cakes. Flowers, wedding type cakes, all pretty lovely things. So I was interested to see how things could be from the dark side. I was "commissioned" to make a cake for a musical group for a Halloween party this evening. I was asked to make something to feed 69 people (lol). And it was free reign on artistic fun.

The fun began last night by baking a golden vanilla cake, brushing it with a simple syrup mixture and then stabbing it with a fork. I poured liquid red cherry jello over it. When the cake is cut open it will appear to be bleeding with red running through the holes.

I had fun creating a butcher knife out of chocolate and vanilla fondant this morning. Later, I iced the cake with a white icing flavored with creme bouquet and almond. The final parts were making an icing that appeared bloody and writing the song title and then taking a brush and splattering it with more blood. I added the bloody knife and a signature hand print (I swear I washed my hands first) .

I was delighted by the groups reaction when I made the delivery. Halloween is my favorite holiday. For fun here are some pictures. The flash is wonkey so one picture appears yellow.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Joeprah said...

Creative and awesome! I love cake art. You should show more disturbing cakes for October!