Sunday, October 21, 2007

LA LA Land at it's Most Fun!

We spent the day in LA on Saturday. The kids and I started on Melrose where the boy found a leather jacket at Wasteland. It's tres cool - Johnny Rotton would be pleased. Every teen needs a black jacket with lots of zippers and shiny metal details.

Realizing that we had to hurry, we drove up La Brea to Hollywood Blvd and paid way to much money to see Jack the Pumpkin King in Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D at the El Capitan. I did love the seats and the price included popcorn and drinks. The set was too much fun and the organist was phenom. It is really the most beautiful movie theater I've been inside of, every detail was thought of - incredible light fixtures, ornate ceilings, the live music. It just felt amazing - exactly how seeing a film should feel.

The movie is stunning. I've seen it - and have it memorized as do the kids - but nothing can be more brilliant than seeing it in such a breathtaking way. This film should be seen in theaters. It's just so much more visually stimulating. After the credits were over we headed to Mann's Chinese theater and checked out foot pints and street characters. An amazingly tall man dressed as some sort of winged woman (with the hottest thighs I've ever seen, it is a shame he is a man) took a fancy to the girl. It was a blast.

So by now it's dinner time and we decided to try an LA tradition - Pink's. A thirty minute wait was nothing by the time we got our food. It's not a fancy experience - waiting in line on a sidewalk, the scent of meat smacking you upside the face. The heat of their grills and fryers roasting you alive as you read and reread the menu. The girl chose a chili dog, the boy chose The Martha Stewart (he lives with the motto - everything is better with some bacon), and I was torn...sauerkraut (I don't think I really like it, but I love sour things and almost never pass it up) or a chili dog and went for the Rosie: ten inches of hot dog with chili AND sauerkraut. They have a twelve inch dog, but I know for sure I can't handle anything that big. We splurged and had some Dr. Brown's soda in glass bottles.

We got home and I finished the bloody cake, dropped him off for the event, washed the stuff in my house that got blood on them, and by then it was really late and he needed to be picked up. The girl fell asleep on the way home and she never woke up. I kept sticking her in the car seat and she just went on sleeping. Very, very cool and unusual.

Today was church, lunch, shopping and home. On the way back from shopping the girl said, "Mom yesterday was really special, it felt like we were on a vacation." I was so please to have given Disney $66 plus handling for the tickets for that Hallmark moment. Granted, had I chosen the cheaper seats, she would have said the same thing, but this makes it a little easier to watch my bank account drain . :P


moooooog35 said...

I was in San Diego a couple of months ago to see the Red Sox play the Padres (it's not called "Red Sox Nation" for nothing), and drove up to L.A on Sunday...did the whole "Mann's Theater" thing...the homes tour, etc., etc.

We passed by that hot dog place, which is astounding to me that people would wait in an hour line for a hot dog.

..but..if I think of it..I drove 2-1/2 hours to get to see people stand in line for an hour for a hot dog.

Maybe I'm the dummy.

But I DID get my picture take with Darth Vader in front of the it might be a wash.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Lol - Darth Vader makes it all cool.

There was a woman from NY who bitched endlessly about how she has never had to wait 30 minutes for a hot dog. So after 15 minutes of listening to her bitch I realized that it was just her way of passing the time and she did, in fact, wait 30 minutes for a hotdog.

It was SO worth it. And I'm not a processed meat kind of person.

I'm cracking up about the baseball, I have no sports background /loyalties.