Friday, February 8, 2008

Yippee! He showed up!

He arrived in bigness. He has a huge SUV, raised up high, LOUD music and well, he just has a loud presence. It's good though - it's just him.

The girl just stood there with huge eyes not quite believing he was there. But five minutes later she was on his lap and SO proud of her very cool uncle. He would have called, but he lost his phone and didn't have my number. :P He has more phone issues...

We were sad he didn't bring his dog but cheered up with a trip to Costco where the boy received an 8gig nano. Later we walked the downtown area and he got a belt made of empty bullet shells and a couple tee shirts that I had to inspect for school. It's a given that the belt isn't for school - ever. The zero tolerance policy could inconvenience his future.

The girl couldn't find anything she really wanted - she is too big for baby stuff and too little for big girl stuff and even a new pair of uggs couldn't be found. But to be honest she was just thrilled to be with him.

Uncle is VERY stylish. At 33 he is living the unmarried life and does his own thing - snowboarding, scuba diving and managing a nightclub. You can tell he is just one of those busy guys who waits 18 months to he his sister (ha - no guilt trip for him). As quickly as he arrived, he left 18 hours later after a breakfast with his sister (that's me!).

Life feels too quiet with him gone.

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