Friday, February 1, 2008

A Tongue Lashing

At work we have a committee. It is meant for bringing staff concerns to the big wig. I think all companies have this sort of thing. Upward Communication, blah blah blah. Only it never quite works out that way and it's really Bitchfest 2008. Or in the case of this history, Bitchfest 2006.

I was appointed secretary because it was leaked out that I was already taking minutes (though, they were secret minutes and never to be given to those not on The A List). I decided to spice it up by writing it in the way the meeting occurred - like a dialog. Everything true and well, maybe not flattering. But fact full with perfect quotations.

Basically, I wrote exactly what happened at the Bitchfest meeting. I didn't realize it, but some never saw it as a Bitchfest and took the whole thing seriously.

After it was distributed, I got called into a minor bigwig’s office for a verbal yet polite tongue lashing. I retired from my secretarial position because I allowed subjectivity to become part of the meetings history and as I told her everything I write is subjective. I have always thought the lashing was polite because it could easily have ended up in print later.


Elise said...

You got told off for saying things as it is?!

The committee sounds crap! xx

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Elise - Work sucks! Some people take the color of the lamp in the breakroom WAY too seriously.