Monday, February 25, 2008

Were Did the Weekend Go?

FYI - I just reread this drivel and if you have NOTHING better to do, continue. If you have ANYTHING else to do, skip it.

I had to wake really early to get ready to take the girl to her lesson. It's so cold in there, I needed to be dressed and have dry hair. I went once with a wet ponytail and was terribly sorry. After the lesson we went to pick up her new medicine and grab a sandwich at the grocery store.

I suppose I'm a creature of habit because when I went to order the sandwiches, the menu was completely different and I almost walked out. Instead of subs, they had things like brie and roast beef. All very tasty I'm sure, but I had the order already planned in my head. The girls at the counter were confused too - asking each other "Is this the baguette or the french roll?". To make things easier on all of us, I had them use croissants.

We had lunch with the boy at home. Then I brought him over to his girlfriend's house. We did the birthday party thing for a friend and the day was over too quickly.

The next day, I wasn't feeling well so we skipped church. I took her to her other lesson and then the boy called saying he needed a new black dress shirt for concerts. So we ended up at the mall for some returns and shopping. Dinner was there too, it wasn't worth it to end up back at the grocery store.

My gas light went off and I was stuck - do I drive the 405 and pray I can make it to my regular gas station? Or get off and and try to find one that matches my gas card. You will all laugh as I admit, I drove off the freeway and made it to the gas station, but in the end, it didn't matter - I CAN'T FIND my gas card. I hate having to call and report it lost, but I will. It's probably in the seat of my car or a random packet, but I hate using cash at the gas station with kids. Do you drag them out of the car and risk someone running one over? Abandon them in the car for a couple minutes? It's a decision I hate to make. Hopefully it will turn up by much time. And I'll try not to chance the gas gauge at night.

I don't think I'm sick, but my voice is half missing. I was told to sing Marlene Dietrich songs in the office, but I don't know any. It's a raspy and froggy - my guy friend in high school called it my phone sex voice. How a gay teen knew what phone sex was like, I'll never hazard guess...

Enjoy the week!


Elise said...

"Falling in love again,
Never wanted to,
What am I to do?
I can't help it"

Try singing that one...

You need the accent though. Prance about in fishnets and a top hat. The office will love it! xx

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

elise, I should have known you would point me in the right direction. :)

Anonymous said...

You need to charge people to hear you talk while your voice is all raspy.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

pp-hummm...I saw there was going to be voice mail avail with blogger...I wonder if I can pick up a 900 number. I'm kidding, I don't have the skill to pull something like that off.

TED VELVET said...

I use my debit card at the pump 99% of the time . But when the kidsd were little, little. I just used to turn of the ignition and lock them in the car it would take a while for someone to actually smash in the car and grab them and run away.

also, to finish up on what Elise wrote, "falling in love again" is a great song from the german film "der blau angel", or the US version, "the blue angel". awesome lyrics

Love's always been my game
Play it as I may
I was born that way
Can't help it

Men flock around me
Like moths around a flame
And if their wings burn
I know I'm not to blame

Failing in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do?
Can't help it

Colonel Colonel said...

'See what the boys in the back room will have,
and tell them I'm having the same-
Just ask what the boys in the back room will have,
and give them the poison they name.

And when I die, don't pay the preacher,
for speaking of my glory and my fame-
just see what the boys in the back room will have,
and tell them I died of the same!

I believe that comes from a western she did with John Wayne...

[scurries over to IMDB]

ah- it was 1939's 'Destry Rides Again' with Jimmy Stewart. She does several musical numbers. Fun movie.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Ted and CC -
I think I will have to cave for netfliks. I miss old movies and without cable, it's almost never.(unless House Party 2 counts).

Ted - I am going to have to use my debit, I just like my missing gas card and wish I could find it. I DID find the missing library books. :D