Monday, February 4, 2008

Making Dreams Come True

I love five year olds. They have many dreams that are easy to make come true. They are still a little young to ask for a pony, car or for the lead in a school play. I love to play the part of the wish granter. Probably because I know soon enough I won't be able to have a hand in it.

There is this silly movie that is out (and advertised as one week only). Yes, roll your eyes - it's the Hannah Montana 3D movie concert. We arrived hours in advance as Fandango advised us that even though we bought tickets we were not guaranteed seats. We checked out the shopping and then got in line. The line had already started two hours before the show started.

The line was filled with girls 4-14. Most were in costume with Hannah Montana hair and clothing. When we were let into the theater, girls started screaming. It got louder once the movie started. Girls were singing and dancing in front of their chairs and in the aisles. For my five year old, it was the most exciting place to be.

I'm not a fan of pop music and I don't have the Disney channel, but for some reason the little girl likes her and as her mom, I feel on occasion I have to bite the bullet and let the girl be starstruck for an evening.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I have boys!

They aren't into this whole Hannah thing.

It is always nice to make a child smile though.

Elise said...

Hannah Montanna isn't that bad! I mean, true, I want to scream everytime she's on television. And she's cringe-worthy.

Okay maybe she is that bad.

You have my respect! xx

TED VELVET said...

can't wait till hanna Montanns is showing off her schnizz like britney spears. I give her 4 years.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

pp, yes, with a boy it was easier. Pokemon/digimon was a much more simple experience.

elise - it could be worse, thank goodness she never liked Barney.

lol Ted, at least then she would be legal. it freaks me out catching the "news" reporting all sorts of negative things about her. She's 15, I'm hoping she manages to grow up a little unscathed...