Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I hate this week.

Sunday night the girl sat up, screamed her feet were hot and promptly threw up all over the bed, herself and me.

Monday's trip to LA was cancelled because even though she seemed better, I wanted her to rest up.

Tuesday night she woke up screaming her ear hurt. She has had earaches in the past, but never felt them so of course I was worried sick.

Today, Wednesday, we find another ear infection and wheezing in her chest. Another antibiotic and now an inhaler. Poor kid. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but she is now almost 6 and still 39lbs. There isn't a lot of her to be sick. I really worry when she has no appetite.

She really wanted to deliver her Valentine's to her activity group so we dropped them off and then left. She fell asleep at 4 and is still asleep. Her brother agreed to drop off her Valentine's in the morning. Hopefully, her teacher will put the girl' received cards in a bag until Tuesday. She is very sad to miss the class party. And to be honest, I'm very sad for the girl.

What does Valentine's Day mean to me? Pretty much nothing except I cook a nicer dinner. I'm making the kids a rack of lamb. They adore lamb and because of the cost, it's a rare treat.

Ah, but what does the 15th mean???? It's my Lie-Day. I'm 29 (again). I love my birthday, but I was a little melancholy this year so I signed up to watch a bunch of preteens at a school dance. I'm not sure what I was thinking aside from I don't really want to be 29 again - I just want to be 29 without the "again" and the easiest way to forget my old age would be to watch a gym full of kids trying to make out. Of course, if she is sick, I'll have to cancel out and stay home with my munchkin. And maybe the boy will stay home for my birthday too, and I'll be perfectly content.

On top of all of this, I'm suffering by having a jury duty week. Everyday I have to call in at 5 to see if I have to show up the next day. It's hard to plan a life (example: having a sick kid) with calling in for jury duty. And I have a sinking suspicion my number will be up Friday. Woohoo! A birthday-jury duty-sick kid day. I'm not bitter. My only hope is that because Monday is a holiday, all of the judges and lawyers will be leaving town early.


Simply Curious said...

Sending get well wishes, your way for the little one.

Sure seems to be the season. All of my friend's kids, count, 7 of them, are really sick. I've been pretty icky myself, but I always feel so much worse for kids, They're so little ans helpless.

Hope both of you are getting your rest.

moooooog35 said...

Happy pre-birthday.

I'll see you at that dance thing. I'll be the creepy guy in the trench coat taking pictures of the kids trying to make out.


...perhaps I've said too much.

Scott said...

Sounds like a stressful week, sorry. We had that last week, my eight year old girl is small for her age as well. She was violently sick, the worst I've ever seen her, I felt so bad and helpless. Then she recovered from that and promptly got the flu with fevers and coughs. It's been crazy.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!!!!

Mine was Sunday, I'm an aquarius as well. Not that I really know what that entails. Remember, having birthdays is a reason to celebrate, the alternative is much worse. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope your daughter feels better soon!

Enjoy the lamb.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have fun with the kids.

TED VELVET said...

happy birthday, why repeat 29 again when you can just be 28 that's a much better age anyway. Hope your daughter feels better, there's nothing worse than a sick kid. have a few drinks enjoy your birthday, enjoy life.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

SC - Thank you - aside from being partially deaf in one year, sh is feeling a lot better.

mooooog35 - at the last minute they said they had enough volunteers! I was relieved, with the girl being sick it no longer sounded fun.

scott - the poor thing! I hope she is feeling better. Happy birthday!

pp - after making the lamb, I was reminded it wasn't my favorite. it is a favorite of the kids and my teen ended up eating 6 of the pieces of lamb in 18 hours. :P

Ted, lol. For that matter, nothing was wrong with 21 but I think I'm pushing it with 29...

Joeprah said...

10 days of the flu in our house...and sucks, double ear infections (check), vomit (check), fever (check), loss of appetite (check). I do hope everyone is mended right quick. Peace and I hope your not sick now.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

J- I hope it ends for you quickly and everyone is happy and healthy. I've had a crazy week - the girl is back in school, but I ended up missing a week of work. I hate being this far behind.