Friday, February 1, 2008


With the boy this morning -

I am usually SO careful but we were both being smart asses and I let him out of the car. Because we were so silly, I forgot myself and shouted after him "I love you!". His face was priceless. Here he is, 5'11", in his black jeans that look painted on, his leather jacket and bangs flat ironed to his chin and braces and he smiles and says, "I'm going to kill you for that." Luckily, I'm not almost 15 with a mom who professed her love to her son in the school parking lot.

With the girl (5) last night:

Mom, when are we going to LA again?
Why do you want to go to LA?
LA is like a vacation. I need a vacation.
Me too honey, me too.

With her weekend lesson cancelled I might take her to LA. If the boy and his girl want to tag along, why not? I could take the girl to see Hannah Montanna and the teens can rove Melrose. how much trouble could they possible get into?

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