Monday, February 18, 2008

The Grove and LA Farmer's Market

What a pleasant surprise! I've never been, but the girl is invited to a party and wanted to get her friend something from the American Girl store. We also needed a new dock for her shuffle and the main reason was: I've heard the food is great at the framer's market.

We arrived to an 8 floor parking garage and then sprawled out in front of us was an adult Disneyland. If you are a serious shopper, you can only leave thrilled (and broke). Between the fountain, live music, free trolley, and the Farmer's Market at the end of the line, even the kids were spellbound.

The boy ditched us with his girlfriend. The girl isn't a doll kid. The two babies she has lay in the bottom of her cradle and on top are dinosaurs and stuffed animals. So I had no trepidation as we strode in the big doors. And then the girl booked it. Hands on everything - shouting out lovely sentiments about these dolls. She walks up to me with two in her hands and starts picking up clothing. I was in shock! My little darling wanting a doll? In the hidden recesses of my mommyness, I wanted to buy them all for her. Common sense and a limited budget kicked in and I had to remind her that we were they to get her friend a little birthday gift not to have a second Christmas. She looked so dejected that I told her if she read several of the books and if she still wanted one, she had to wait for her birthday.

The food at the Farmer's Market is scrumptious. The girl and I split nachos. These were amazing, and then the boy had fish and chips and his girl had crepes. When we were done with lunch, we had ice cream. We popped into the Apple store to get a new dock, Barnes & Noble to get the girl her American Girl books (she picked Jess and Ivy) and we rode the trolley up and down the street.

I got home exhausted but the boy and his girl wanted to go to a party so I dropped them off. So girlie and I snuggled as she read me the first chapters of her new books. As she drifted off to lala land she announced..."I really want the Jess doll..."

For those of you in the know - there are annual dolls that are only out for a year. And then, they are gone forever (okay, I suppose eBay). And Jess is a girl of the year - two years ago. So now I have a month and a half to find the doll. I'm obsessive, so I won't be really content until I have her socked away. It's a weirdness that I suppose they can medicate me for, but part of me thinks feeling the "itchiness" of the search feels good.

The boy is suffering - he skipped a grade so ALL of his friends are driving or getting their permits. He won't be able to drive until his senior year. So this birthday really sucks for him. And now that his ipod dream has come true and his belt made of bullet shells in his closet, he is going to be lost trying to come up with his perfect birthday gift. For the record, the kids are 9 years and 5 days apart do we have "birthday week". Sort of like a spring Christmas.

Anyway for all you California tourists, The Gove is a great spot to visit. And don’t go unless you REALLY want to spend money.

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shell said...

oooh! that is my favorite shopping center. the nordstrom and anthropologie stores are the best there. and you have to go back at christmas time. they spray fake snow by the fountain. it's so cool!