Thursday, March 6, 2008

Next time remind me...

I just made about 50 mini cupcakes and had to ice over half. What a pain in the ass for a halfway sloppy cupcake! I went on a flower making binge 9 months ago, and had a box full of daffodil and others flowers that when I realized I was stuck, I just topped the cupcakes with them.

I need to remember that it is okay to pick stuff like this up at the store instead of standing for 5 hours trying to make them perfect. I've been waking at 2 and then at 4 for almost 3 weeks. I was about to cave to ambien or Tylenol PM when I remembered the time change. Up at 5 isn't a problem, hopefully I can survive this!

I missed dinner and thought I'd have a cup of miso before bed. I've tried everything else to sleep all night, so I figure it's worth a shot. Wish me luck.

I've been so tired I have been reading as much, and I'm dying to know how Elise is making out, how Ted's bass player works out and how Rod is doing after Disney plus many many more blogs I love to visit. It isn't fair that work is picking up again (and Rod and Ted aren't sfw anyway:P), so I have to carve out time between being Taxi Mom and Cupcake Madwoman.


moooooog35 said...

Here I am.

Recovering from shoulder surgery.

Had I known you were so down and out without me, I would have postponed it.

Thanks for feeding my narcissim.

It says, "Thank you."

Elise said...

You know I can't remember the last time I made mini cupcakes. After reading your post I wish that I had. I miss the smell of freshly baked cakes. The imperfections that make them so perfect.

Don't pick them up at the store. Make them. You don't get to lick the icing spoon at the end if you buy them at the store do you?


TED VELVET said...

first off, buy the damn cupcakes. c'mon woman, sleep. what the hell's the problem? If I got a healthy run at you, and did what I do best, you'd sleep for a week and then wake up and pass out again. as for my bass player i think I found a guy who's done the irish music thing before and wants more. so i think i'm set. thanks for wondering. remember, when you can't the arctic

Simply Curious said...

Ohhh, I made cupcakes last night. Not mini ones, but they turned out better than any cupcakes I've ever made in my life! (I've eaten 4...)

~Brenda said...

Just wanted to say hey. I always think that you're up to the coolest stuff. I mentioned that once on the BHB...not sure if you saw that or not. :)

Elise said...

Don't buy them at the store! You can't lick the icing spoon when you buy from a store can you?

I love homemade cupcakes. I can't remember the last time I made any though. Its nice to think back to the smell of freshly baked cakes and the mess the kitchen end up in. Each cupcake so perfect in an imperfect way.

Next time do exactly what you did. Make them yourself xx

Anonymous said...

Now you have me hungry for some cupcakes.

Think I'll make some tomorrow,but not nearly as many as you did. LOL

Dig dang girl!You're a regular Betty Crocker!

Colonel Colonel said...

50 mini cupcakes? Could you make one giant cupcake and cut it into 50 pieces?

ok, ok, no, I've never baked...

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

moooooog35-I do hope your feeling more like yourself. Quite happy to feed your narcissim. What can I say? Sometimes I like to be a giver.

elise - decorating cakes and cupcakes makes me scrape off the icing. Something about touching it in great quantites makes it unpalatable. :D

teddy - I have a flute player for you. He has been playing Jethro Tull for the last week or so. I vaguely knew of JT, but the boy is driving me insane with it (not the good kind either). I'm not so much 70's rock... It's not the bass, but how many bands out there have a rocking flute??? :D :P

SC - you go with those cakes! They must have been delish!

~brenda, thank you!!! You are so sweet! I'm pretty nutty (and annoying),something about BHB draws that out even moreso.

pp - aw shucks...part of me does that so I don't look like the mom who is falling behind. Most are stay at home moms and I feel more together when I "whip something up". I like the illusion of super mom. But it's just an illusion. :P Please don't tell!

cc- HA! That would be a cake, which are much easier to do. The only reason I didn't make a cake was because I knew it would be messy. But yeah, cakes are the way to go...