Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It's almost pi day! We are preparing with making tee shirts, yes even the girl thinks pi is fun. I'm also, you guessed it, making pies to celebrate. A couple for the boys math class and one for home and one for dessert at home. Does it get any better?

If I have time I'll make round empanadas for dinner and pancakes for breakfast. The boy has an assignment to write a poem following the "rule" of pi. For those of you belonging to a "cult", you might try this instead of the more common haiku.
1 word three letters long
1 word 1 letter long
1 word 4 letters long
1 word 1 letter long
1 word 5 letters long, and so on.

The catch is that is has to make sense.

If I can find some evening events at a nearby university, we might have a field trip. So start getting ready, before you know it, pi day will be here!

For your listening pleasure: A Pi(ano)Song


Pi Party Tricks (I'm going to see if the girl will learn it for me)

Absolute weirdness:

And yeah, this one is a stretch, but the boy thought it funny...

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Shannon said...

Sounds intriguing. I'm looking forward to hearing what he came up with.

I'd attempt something witty myself but alas, it's 1am and I'm not creative. ;o)