Monday, March 17, 2008

News of the Week

1. boy recieved an award for his flute solo in jazz
2. girl did her first unassisted back hip circle
3. I got lost at the music festival
4. boy broke up with his girl
5. girl got a sort of double promotion in her newest sport
6. boy and his girl get back together *rolling my eyes*
7. girl has been jumping rope so much the rope finally gave out
8. I colored my hair and it's
9. I forget what 9 was...
10. I think the kids are better than me in every way (aside from the bf/gf drama-that all sort of just sucks eggs).

I have done some more stuff around the house including something called "window mistreatments" I saw from a blog... It was fun but hard work. I might even throw some new covers for pillows in the living room together tomorrow night. She makes it look so easy. I do own and operate a sewing machine. :)


~Brenda said...

Congrats to boy on the award, to girl on the double promotion...& bummer about the hair!! (Is ok...I burned mine off orange should be an easier recovery...fingers crossed! Besides, you could probably pull off bald and still be way2cool. :D That was not said in jest.)

Colonel Colonel said...

I don't know what an "unassisted back hip circle" is, but it sounds like I'd hurt myself badly if I tried it.