Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Craziness!

Okay I lied, my life is pretty calm (read: boring) right now. I did my Easter basket shopping and just have to find a couple packs of peeps and a chocolate bunny (solid none of that hallow crap) round it out. I was teasing the boy and told him the bunny doesn't come for "old" kids. The Easter bunny will always come for him. I will be 80 and making the kids baskets.

Easter reminds me of my mom. She knew how to make a basket! We always got more candy than we knew what to do with and a bunny of some sort. Sometimes it was a stuffed animal other times a fuzzy bunny bank (I wonder if they still make those???). I just always got the sense that she loved the whole process.

I've been all domestic recently. I'm trying to decide if it not my style to be a domestic goddess. I have fun putting an idea together but hate maintaining it! Cleaning is just so bothersome and I am thinking I'll have to dust more regularly. I need the boy to be home more to pull more weight around.

I would LOVE to have had Frank Lloyd Wright build me a Unsonian house. Make the furniture, art, make it small and force me to never bring crap into the house. Showroom ready at an instant. *sigh*

Tomorrow is Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl has the day off school so it will just be her and me. The boy has a party to attend so he doesn't want to come. As much as I hate Disney and all it stands for, it will be fun to see the girl light up. She reverently asked me "Maybe we can have lunch there?". Yes, maybe my little chickadee. I don't know if we will stay till midnight but hopefully we can take in the fireworks.

What are your Easter plans? I'll spend Saturday with the kid at a friend's party and Sunday is church and brunch. If it hits 80, we'll head for the beach.

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Melissa said...

No architect, even as great as my great grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright, can stop anyone from cluttering their lives with "stuff." Even the producer Joel Silver, who has owned two of great grandad's designs,has a way of filling his homes with so many props you can't appreciate the architecture for the art that it it. MG