Saturday, March 22, 2008

I could please an 80 year old...

Today I went the the nicest early Easter dinner. I brought macaroni salad and for the hostess a box of See's peanut brittle. The two men in the group were pleased as punch. Both are in their 70-80's - you would have thought I was making something complicated.

When we got home I called my grandmother to tell her her salad recipe was a hit (again), I started in with the retired gentlemen and she said interrupted with "I'm not interested in any men." I'm still giggling about it.

My grandmother is a hottie who doesn't need to be fixed up.

She reads this blog so I'm expecting to be in trouble later.

Happy Easter!!!!


Elise said...

Ah typical heatbreaker! Wooing the guys in with her cooking... Then rejecting them! Don't tease, Grandmother... xx

~Brenda said...

Your grandma sounds like a hoot! (Hi, Grandma!) the recipe allowed to be shared on the WWW? ;)