Saturday, May 17, 2008

What to do today?

It is going to be hot, hot, hot! I knew the second I woke up and found myself tangled in the sheets that it would be hot. The air was tepid and I had to flip my pillow to get a patch of coolness. After shutting the alarm off at 6am, I finally pulled myself out of bed and tried to wake up the boy. He mumbled incoherently so I laid down next to him. For some reason his room is cooler. After a moment, he finally woke up I went back to my bed for a bit. When he was ready, I got back up, threw on a sweater and drove him to school for a function. He poked my knee and said "goldfish". I realized I was still in my pajamas and yes, they are cartoon goldfish pants. I had not even brushed my hair.

When I got back home, I fed the girl a bowl of fruit and we went BACK to bed to watch cartoons. Eventually I showered and brought her over to ice skating.

I'd like a nap about now...but if I fall asleep, I'll be whiny and get a headache. I wish I had my feet in a kiddie pool on the front lawn and a big Long Island in my hands. I'm not in the mood for dealing with sand in the car...

Just a lazy afternoon.

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