Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have a fun opportunity to meet my high school sweetheart and his family next month. I'm curious how it will go.

I have a wonderful friend from my childhood who I don't email or talk to enough, but she is in my thoughts often. Whenever fate puts us in the same sport, we have always just picked up where we left off. Will it be the same - easy going and chatty? Or will the shock of seeing someone you knew at 15 turn 35 make us akward?

In any event it is something to look forward to in a month's time.

Who was your high school sweetheart?


Anonymous said...

A total loser that thought "Weird" had his name on it. If it was weird, he got involved in it. One of the weird things was wicca. Some of my friends found out that he had cut some of my hair off while I slept and was using my hair to do spells on me. Spells from me marrying him to death spells on me after I left him. He was so nasty and gross. He literally had yellow ear wax coming out of his ears and yellow crap on his teeth next to his gums. No, it wasn't tartar build up, it was FOOD, he was too much of a pig to brush his teeth. I could go on all day about that skanky bastard. Needless to say that I NEVER want to him again. He is scary and mean and still single and available. Guess no one else wants him.
Hope your reunion goes well.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Lol, I never crushed on anyone that fits that description. The all smelled good. :D

You Know Who said...

Mine was named Chad. He's living in Colfax.

Even my mother thought he was hot. He still is. Gorgeous blue eyes, great sense of humor, easy to talk to. He's one of the few guys that turns me into blathering mush.

Unfortunately what hasn't changed is his inability to commit to anything further out than his next orgasm.

The first time I saw him again was two years ago and the electricity was still there. And it was still there two months ago when I saw him last. It evaporated when he got spooked and turned into a horse's ass.

You can have him if you want him.

Did I mention he's single, broke, and 41 years old?

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Lol, no thank you...I have a habit of picking out selfish good looking men. I suppose that's because I'm selfish too...

Single, broke and 41?

I've got my own life to keep together. :P

I do like this line "his inability to commit to anything further out than his next orgasm."

It made me laugh. You should write novels.