Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Delightful Day

Church, mall, lunch, groceries and the park. Southern California is at it's perfection, flower scented air, breezes off the water and lovely sunshine.

After church, we dropped the boy off at his study group and the girl and I headed for the shopping mecca of Orange Country for white tennis shoes for a cheer performance later this week. She needed regular shoes for school too, so I got her whatever her heart Converse that glow in the dark with a space monkey on them. The coolest of the cool!

We bought her a couple bathing suits and swim shirts for camp (which now I'm thinking some will need to be returned and some will need to be exchanged), and finished with lunch at Boudin, and played with the boutique perfumes at Nordstrom. The saleswoman was very nice when I told her we were just fooling around. However, I did find a spicy scent that I will now shop online to find the price (the boutique does not have prices on their items).

Found it! Annick Goutal 'Mandragore' Eau de Toilette - here is the description:
In this rare and subtly vibrant perfume, the freshness of bergamot, black pepper, spearmint and star anis oil gives way to a dizzying host of sensual delights. These top notes create an immediate impression of strength and vitality, enhanced by boxwood, ginger and mandrake.

It had a spicy scent on my skin, that mellowed to a soft warm glow after a few minutes. I think I may put it on my Christmas list.

I could spend all day admiring the bottles, colors and scents. Much more fun than shopping for a handbag.

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