Friday, May 9, 2008

Hi! I've been around - just not in blog world

Her party theme was ice princess. Eat your heart out Tara Lipinski!

I made the cake! The crown was hard for a first timer, but it's made of icing. The girl is dancing to everyone singing happy birthay.

Chillin' out with some hot chocolate. Yes, by now the hair is a mess. :D

The parties are over! It is strange saying I have a 15 and 6 year old. Makes me feel very old.

The end of the school year is a whirlwind and we are all suffering for it. The girl is finishing her k end of the year project and to be honest - I'm really worried! She is doing such a beautiful job, I'm terrified her teacher will say I helped! She has accused me in the past for doing the girl's work. How weird is that? Like I have nothing better to do than paint diorama's about a mammal in South America...I wish her project looked more immature.

The boy has not been dealing with AP's and finals very well. He gets bad stomach aches and bemoans his grades - A "B"??? How can I live with a B??? My future is over because I have a B!!!!! I tell him it's not the end of the world and sheesh what does it matter if you are doing your best and get a B, but he beats himself up over it. His goal is Berkeley and he feels if he gets a B, he has no chance. Sort of weird to have your teen parent themselves.

I talked to my grandmother and whee!!! We are having an unplanned trip to see her and then see my great auntie for her birthday. She is so special to me that my little girl is named after her. I am not going to think about the price of gas there and back.

I haven't been writing much, mostly because there hasn't been anything news worthy. I go to work, come home and once or twice a week take the kids to ice skating (the girl won 8 events out of 8 events at her first competition - 4 golds and 4 silvers!). The girl started cheer and seems to really love it. It's community cheer so everyone is welcome, not try outs, and a fair price. If she still loves it by the end of soccer season, I'll let her got into competition cheer. I suppose her 3 years of gymnastics should come in handy.

I went to the Getty Malibu last weekend and almost started crying my eyes out at a statue. I think it is funny how I can see 300 statues and be fine and then see one that makes me all emotional. The kids listened to some live music and I took the tour headphones and saw EVERYTHING on my own. It was so nice to be totally absorbed. Later, the boy pointed out in Greek and Roman times that there must not have been penis envy as everything was in normal proportions to the size of the statue. Personally, I thought everything was on the small side, but I didn't want to give anyone a complex. The girl never pointed out that area, but she would get all pretend embarrassed when she saw a butt.

Alright Liz and MJ, I think I have caught you both up to the present. And if anyone else still reads, I apologize for the giant gaps.

For those with kids unexposed to Hannah Montana, just take a moment of silence and be grateful. I have her albums in my head ALL the time.


Shannon said...

She looks adorable! What a fun party and you did an awesome job on the cake. I have to outsource desserts.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Thank you! The only downfall is pictures were taken by ds and in ALL of the other pictures she has stuck out her tongue. I was so upset with her!

KansasMama said...

It's about damn time. Thanks for the mention. It's like I'm famous or something.