Monday, May 19, 2008

Manic Monday

So as I was dropping the boy off at school, he reached for his i-pod and I remembered - I need it because I was supposed to bring my car into the shop this morning. Ay Carumba!!!! I completely forgot about this appointment and I'm sure J at the dealership would roll his eyes at myairheadedness. So I called work about the delay and dropped the car off.

I like my car. Not love it, just like it. It is one of those first year models, first off the production line and needs a lot of warranty attention. Today is a computer part replacement for the TPMS, a new seal on one of the doors, the circuits checked for the i-pod (a horrible buzzing sounds when you use the i-pod and the headlights), and the new key doesn't work right (they broke one, and replaced it). I know you are wanting my life. :-P This car will hopefully be passed to the boy for his use in a year or so. If he can have a car at college, it may go with him.

TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is a device I just hate. It constant flashes on my dashboard. Then I get out, check the tires and make any adjustments if necessary (usually none are needed), but this time, the light would not go off. It's a little stressful having your car tell you there is a tire problem when there is not one I can see. My brother said at his friend's business, they disengage the device because it upsets the customers (it's a turn your car into a custom car business). I wish mine would magically disengage. I'm not brave enough to drive knowing it's off. But I hate the warning light. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is the last repair it needs.

And it's hot this morning. Warm I like, but this is simply, hot.

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