Friday, May 16, 2008

A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

After a perfect lunch day for the second day in a row, I'm having a hard time buckling down! Browsing bookstores, iced coffee's, and the scent of jasmine in the air coupled with the sound of water falling from fountains, has made me quite content.

This evening after work, I took the girl to the grocery store and told her "pick whatever you want for dinner that doesn't involve cooking". We came home with a chicken and fresh tropical fruit salad and some how four packs of gum. Girls who are hungry and without a plan shop strangely.

After dinner we abandoned our mess and and strolled over to the park where she played with a variety of children and I laid back with a new magazine. It's the perfect location, with a beautiful view of the ocean.

We got home at 8:30 and I cleaned up the mess and thought to check in. I like the past boyfriend stories, so keep them coming.

Mine feels very personal, it was one of those things where one day you are friends and the next you're making out. There wasn't really an "ending", so it was one of those things that always felt sweet in my heart. One of my most vivid memories is of him teasing me for my terrible singing voice. And before that laughing because I made a Mercedes sign instead of a peace sign on a notebook cover. And how music reminds me of him - hearing anything from that era always brings me back to a younger time. When I see pink high tops, I remember the ones he wrote over and signed. I kept them for about 10 years and in one of the last moves they were lost. I suppose if there had been a tragic series of breakups, cheating and lying, it would all feel different. But it was just "over". He was beautiful - kind of lanky, an inch or so taller than me with amazing dark curly hair. I remember pulling some of the curls and watching them "boing" back up. Definitely one of the smartest boys I've known and I'm think he is one of the smartest men I've communicated with as well. He was one of those cool laid back kids whereas I was a little too loud, silly and obnoxious. I was desperate to be the bad girl and failed miserably. I still try to be the bad girl and am still too loud, silly and obnoxious. I suppose some things never really change.

The night is ending, I've put the girl to bed and I'm waiting for the boy to come home from his night out.

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