Thursday, November 15, 2007


I was recently asked if I have a tattoo and I told the truth and said no. When I was in high school tattoo's were a rose on an ankle and matched everyone else's. Later, girl's branched out and got tattoo's on their lower back - flowers, fairies, tribal designs etc.

So I have been thinking (can you tell I'm getting ready for Haight-Ashbury?) if I were to get one, what would it be? It would have to be water based, for some reason I'm at my most calm and reflective surrounded by the sea. Yes, there are times when I'm perfectly at rest and that is when my feet are on the damp sand.

I think that if I were to brave (and bare all) I would get mermaid scales. I came across this color plate the other night. It's from before the Little Mermaid was bastardized by the kind folks at Disney. I think I would like her scales.

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Rita said...

I happen to be getting mermaid scales on my right foot later this month. I came across your blog while searching for photos and I am excited to know that someone shares my idea! However, I am wondering how to distiguish it from fish scales? My idea so far is to basically have it in the middle of the top of my foot, and spread out with jagged edges as if my foot is slowly growing scales...and to use lots of blue/green/turqoiuse/purple to give it a mermaid rather than fish feel...any other ideas would be much appreciated.Thanks!