Friday, November 9, 2007

Do you have weekend plans?

I have a long weekend, the boy has a long weekend, but the girl has....SCHOOL!!!! Poor thing. I had thought her calendar had the day off but there in her folder was a notice that school is in session. So I think I will get up superly early and head to work so I can clean my office (it has become unbearable this month) and finish up a project. Then I will head home and take the boy out to lunch.

I had offered to drive him and his friends to see Beowulf in 3d (whilst I shopped) but he said it isn't cool if a mom drives. I told him "Sucks to be you, see it on a regular screen then and buy your own ticket". HA! Actually, I don't really care that I am not cool enough to drive, I just thought he has been working very hard and needed a reward. I tend to do a lot for the girl as she is almost like an additional appendage, and he is often just not there for me to lavish with attention. :-P

I will not have alone time this weekend, but I will drag the girl to see Martian Child (for ME) and the bookstore. I found a nice set of non fiction books for her to look over. It is difficult finding appropriate books for a 5 year old who reads at an older child's ability. Non fiction seems to just fit better.

We are making a couple surprises for the Thanksgiving holiday. Sssh, don't tell!

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Rebecca said...

We have that same struggle with my son. He's 10, but reads at a high school level. It's really hard to find books that will take him a few days to read, he'll be interested in, but still have content appropriate for his age!