Thursday, November 29, 2007

*just random thoughts*

I am so uncomfortable in my skin. Along with this weird feeling I have, I can feel everything that touches me. This heightened sense of feeling is just - distracting. Thank goodness, I picked soft clothing or it would be even worse. I'm hoping extra sleep this weekend settles me down.

Looking forward to a party this weekend. I love the people that invited me so I'm sure it will be fun and interesting. I will stay far from the karaoke - these families have professional singers in them. I don't want to be comic relief. I was told to bring my favorite drink. Hummm...

This unnamed book I'm reading is just fun. I start a paragraph and just fall into the story. It's effortless. I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Funny though, it has invaded my dreams, I can't remember the dreams, just vague images. As I read though and near the ending, it looks as though there are too many threads ending up in nice neat packages, so not a brilliant book, just a good story. So if you happen to have seen a woman getting gasoline and leaned against her car reading, that was probably me. I like books that pull me out of myself and into the words.

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