Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The weekend fun that wasn't....

took the girl to her first new sport lesson and realized I was an hour off - she missed it! She was beyond sad so I asked if I could pay someone to give her a lesson. They were really nice and just put her in a different class that was just starting. Crisis avoided!

After her lesson, we went to get her new skates. it's kind of pathetic, but the shop is adjacent to a huge arena and it was PACKED. I kind of wig out at really loud and busy places so we went into the shop and I had this huge panic and we had to leave. I drove around the block deep breathing a couple times before I could handle returning.

She was over the moon thrilled! She keeps taking them out of the bag just to marvel over their perfectness. She has to 'break them in" and wear them about the house with the guards on them.

We spent the early evening at Downtown Disney. Dinner was nice until the last couple of bites and I found in my salad there were bits of glass. Of course I felt I was going to die at that point. :P Yes, I am a bit dramatic....

We got home and the boy joined us for a movie.

I woke up with the worst migraine I've ever had. I got them ready for church and took her to her class and the boy went to do his bit (he assists with A/V - he insists or he says he would be bored and fall asleep). I went to the cry room and fell asleep. I felt SO bad. Finally, the medicine kicked in I was able to function and I took them to Chuck E Cheese for the girl's friend's birthday.

One of the moms asked me what my girl's goals were for gymnastics. I replied, her goal is to learn new things, have fun and not get hurt. She said No, what track does she want to be on? Is she looking at national competitions, recreational competitions? This year? Next year?

YIKES! Our girls are only 5 (well hers isn't quite 5). Do 5 year olds really have any goals? Do they plan the future at 5? Is it strange to be a good gymnast for a 5 year old and NOT have a goal for the future set yet? I just can't make plans that far down the line. So I said "We'll just have to see what happens when it happens." I probably failed the ambitious mommy test, and won't make it in the exclusive mommy club.

For giggles I asked her last night, "So honey, what are your future goals?" and she replied, "To play soccer." I should add, soccer is one sport she has never played. So her brother piped in, "But you've never played." and she said "I've been practicing. I've been kicking the beach ball against the stairs". You can't argue with that logic. However, it's going to be really hard to fit soccer into the current schedule. And I know nothing about soccer aside from what I saw in Bend it Like Beckham.

I went to Trader Joe's for groceries, saw that Wild Oats is now Whole Foods (depressing how mega corporations take over everything that is lovely). And shopped for casual clothing for the girl at a local shop.

I cleaned. I ironed two weeks worth of the girl's uniforms, put clean bedding on the beds, and made a lovely dinner. While I was cleaning I came across my mom's journals. I started reading the one from the year she died and came across my birthday. For some reason it makes me miserably sad that she doesn't mention it. And then I'm miserable because I feel guilty for reading her private things. Now, I'm all melancholy.


Scott said...

Are the uniforms for school? If so, are you happy with a uniform policy for students? I am wondering because my daughters' school is considering a uniform policy, and I am leaning towards voting for it, but am looking for more info to have a solid opinion.


A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

I LOVE the uniforms. We can buy from any vendor as long as it meets the criteria. The best part is that a couple weeks before school begins, everyone puts out their too small uniforms and you can take what you need at no charge and leave your childs out grown clothing.

My daughter HATES uniforms. She looks forward all month to her one free dress day. To satisfy her creative side, I let pick out hair bows and monkeybar buddies. :P She also gets to pick out her own backpack and gets lots of pins to put on it.

I overbought my first year with uniforms. I would have been fine with 2 pair of pants, 2 pair of shorts, 1 jumper and 5 tops. Uniform clothing is made better so she really could wear things twice before washing.

If your child is small, you end up spending money to have things tailored. I had to have her skirts and pants taken in and hemmed. The smallest size most places carry is a 4.

After getting everything ready, for next year, I realized she only needs leggings and tights for next year, everything from last year is still in great condition and fits.

the downside is that with a loose uniform policy, you can tell the difference between a target top and a gymboree or gap top. At 5 the kids don't see it, but I wonder about the older grades. So uniforms don't really 'make everyone the same'.

Scott said...

Wow, what a nice and detailed answer, I appreciate you taking the time for it. Thanks!

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

I'm always chatty. :D