Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thanks Ted!

So last night I fall asleep and around 3 I wake up again. So I try out Ted's "get to sleep" trick:

"I'll let you know my secret to insomnia. it sounds weird but it works, lay in bed, close your eyes and envision yourself having to survive in the outdoors after a plane crash or sunken boat or something to that effect. think about how you would build a shelter, make a fire, what you would eat all of that stuff. it gets your mind off what your thinking about and tires you out and then blam you are asleep."

So I decide to think about being on an island and because it was raining outside, I decide to make my fantasy occur during a tropical storm. I tried thinking of ways to make shelter.

I decided digging a hole and covering up with leaves would probably drown me. So then, I consider the fact I don't even have a pocket knife or flashlight and it's dark. I realize I'm cold, wet, alone and in the dark as I'm pretty sure the airline would not have permitted a lighter or matches on the plane.

As for breakfast - I can't fish. I went fishing when I was a kid but had a hook and line. And I caught nothing.

I start to panic. If I was in this scenario, there would be nothing nice and romantic about it. It would be hard and I'd probably slice my hand open banging a coconut upon a rock. I see visions of pneumonia, tetanus, and toothaches.

At this point I FEEL cold. So I tucked myself under my soft fuzzy fur blanket and I am SO grateful I have three pillows and a bed. And I fell asleep, soundly.

Reflecting, I should look up some wilderness survival course. If I should ever be in that situation, or even stranded on the 405 during rush hour, I want to come up with more than a hole covered with leaves.

The hole bed solution doesn't work for them either.


TED VELVET said...

I fucking told you!!!! pretty cool huh? my wife thought I was nuts when i told er about finally she tried it and it worked for her too. watch survivor man on the science channel and you'll learn all you need to survive in the wild and to fall asleep

Anonymous said...

I would never fall asleep thinking about stuff like that.It would send me into a damn panic attack!

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Ted - I'm not sure how paralizing fear helps me sleep, but you are right it works!

pp- It took my normal panic attack and made it based on fiction, and fiction is a little easier to deal with. :P

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sound advice.

I'm not surprised it worked. I read that a method for dealing with insomnia is, give yourself a tedious task to do.

Every five minutes, get up and wash a dish, pay a bill, etc.

You suddenly get too tired to do the work.

Psychological trickery.

Elise said...

Wow! I gotta try this... I normally lie still and count my breaths. xx

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Elise - Maybe Ted should charge for his advice!

LBB - hey on your blog, I asked if you knew me. I was being half serious. My bff had a job at Osco. I grew up in AZ.