Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ha! I am mostly done with my project!

More papers will be crossing my desk over the next six months, but nothing like what I was processing this past month. I felt so badly for my kids. I would work, pick them up, pick up dinner to-go and then go back to work. They would use computers, read and explore while I slaved away. Then, I'd bring them home and decide if I needed to go back to work or stay home and go in extra early the next day. Super awful!

My boss doesn't mind overtime for this project but to be honest, I HATE doing overtime. I'd much prefer to go home and live my simple life.

Today was busy, I took the girl to ice skating lessons and bumped into an old friend. Our kids skated while we chatted so it was nice to exercise our mouths while we froze our asses off. After, I took the girl to breakfast and we shopped at Ikea.

While I was there I found a little kid dresser in the As-Is section. I LOVE the As-Is section. I have no hand or wrist strength so it's serendipitous to find pieces that are already to put together. I should say also that I drive a sub compact.

I got the dresser to the car and realized there is no way I can fit it in the trunk...or the backseat (the girl is under 40 lbs so she needs to be in a regular car seat (and she is almost 6!). So I manage to get it in the front seat but I have to hold it while I drive and drive with the window open. I opted to take a longer route and skip the freeway as I had no vision on the right side of the car. Always an adventure! I am glad though, it is perfectly darling and when she outgrows it, it will be small enough to fit inside a closet. Here it is, isn't it sweet for a little girl? She wanted to use it for her cooking supplies and cooking show. She makes movies of herself as a tiny Julia Child's.

My bathroom is done. I skipped painting and just went with brightly colored accessories colors. All the towels are yellow and the hand towels are bright lime. I added a lime rug too. Under the sink I found some containers and everything is simple, very neat and pleasant.

Next project is the kitchen. I picked up some large boxes and I hope the will fit for my baking supplies, but glancing up just now, I don't think it will work...I hate doing returns.

This whole "simplify your life" and "declutter" thing is a lot of effort. The payoff will be worth it though, a place for everything which means less work down the line for me!


Simply Curious said...

I absolutely LOVE bright decorating. Hell, I just love decorating in general.

I got my friend's kids this great little kids table with chairs from an 'as is section' once. They still have it love it to death.

Keep up the good work.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

I have a thing for upstairs bathroom is white with lots of lime and bright blue, downstairs is lime and yellow, and the living room will probably be lime, white and orange with chocolatey bits.

Thank you! I'm sorry the weekend is over though...

Simply Curious said...

Just think...only 5 days until Saturday.

Elise said...

It seems to be coming along well. I bet you're iching to finish now! Good luck with the rest xx

Anonymous said...

Love the dresser! So cute!

I am in the middle of trying to rearrange the house.I am so ready to give up.Where did all this shit come from?

Joeprah said...

That is a great piece for a little girls room. Really sweet. We are in the process of redecorating our middle childs room since she moved from her older sisters room into the guest room. Adding color and accents etc. Always fun.

MarieM1963 said...

I bought my daughter that same dresser from IKEA, but not lucky enough to get it in the As-is section. It is so adorable!!

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Simply Curious - yes, Saturday is finally here. Thank goodness it's a long weekend too!

Elise - Thank you! Yes, I can't wait till it's finished. I have some money saved to replace some furniture in the living room, but I don't want to buy ntil everything is orderly and neat.

Preposterous Ponderings -
I wonder the exact same thing! It seems overnight, I noticed I have accumulated a lot of crap. :P

Joeprah -
Good to see you again! How nice to have room for everyone. I feel like we are stacked on top of each other here.

MarieM1963 - I sure hope it holds up for a few years. :)