Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Making headway...

It was very hard to get the wire bit in the little tube and then put the little bits in to hold it in while balancing on a step stool. After dropping everything several times - and climbing up and down the stool with screws, an electric drill, and other hardware I mounted the second part but could not hold the wire while doing the last part. I grabbed the boy and being almost a man, he figured it out. *phew*

But I don't think I like the way it all looks. Shears are really, well, shear! Even orange ones. Maybe it will be improved once I move her carpet and hang her pictures and put in her puppet theater...? Maybe??? What I would give for 400 more sq feet!

The poor little girl is sick with a head cold and I'm dousing her with hot tea, Dimetapp, and she has her antibiotics and Delsym before bed. I brought her home early and she watched WordGirl while we snuggled and I read. She did some of her homework and then we just talked and curled up like cats. We had a light dinner and then the boy stayed with her while I ran to the store for bread and milk.

I am not sure if I will be able to make it into work tomorrow. I just want her to feel better and her teacher told me almost every kid in the class as well as herself all have the same bad cold.

I'm off for some tea and a good sleep as I refuse to get caught up in an illness right now.

Sweet Dreams.

PS - I am thinking nothing I'm saying makes sense...Here's the Ikea product. Notice there are no screws....

and the orange panels....I used 4.


Elise said...

I'm no good at DIY so I don't have any constructive advice...

I like the idea of snuggling up and reading. Maybe I should take a day off and do that xx

Anonymous said...

Screws are a must have! Makes things so much easier.

Love the orange curtains!Nice and bright.

moooooog35 said...

Screws are overrated.

Do what I do:

Hire someone to put them up.

..or use superglue.

Just a helpful tip.

You're welcome.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

elise - I am home today. The girl is sick and I'm feeling really tired. So I fuly intend to be in pajamas until 3pm.

pp - Lol, well now I have a little baggie of screws...hopefully things will get easier. :D

Mooooog35 - I forgot for a second you're tooltarded. :P