Monday, September 24, 2007

Mini Sweets

Okay - most of you know I have a cake making hobby, but this time I brought it down to a miniature scale. These cupcakes are about the size of quarters and for a school bake sale. It's a golden yellow cake, a little vanilla syrup and topped with a vanilla or a chocolate fondant. The buttercream flowers and leaves are kona coffee flavored.
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I couldn't find my smallest tips (the container they are in keeps falling open and I end up with a bag of about 100 silver things that all sort of look alike). So if you are wondering why I'm dozy today, these kept me on my feet till about 10:30 last night. Hopefully, they sell well.

***Update! I had considered them selling 4/$1. The teens liked them enough to mark the 0.50 each or 3/$1 and happily by the end of the night there were only 3 left and there were still customers in line. Which brings me to the thought: people often under value their work.

I thought I'd share a website for the coolest cake business in Orange County. It shows what I love about cakes - artsy, fun, and wit (in a pretty tasty package).

If anyone wants to buy me a tee shirt from there, I like the one with the cake and sabers that reads "You Want a Piece of Me"... cuz really with names like "Naughty Monkey" and "Miss Fancy Pants" I do!


plslade said...

Ooooh, I love to make (and eat) cupcakes! I have 1 cupcake recipe that I make all the time, but I can never get the icing to taste as good as the yummy cake. Any suggestions?

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

I've found the easiest icing to work with is one that is mostly shortening and powdered sugar-it won't melt as you use it. For decoration icing, add Wilton's powdered egg whites. Raw egg whites work well, but then I worry about people who could get sick from raw egg.

It doesn't taste the best though. So I use a standard Wilton recipe and replace about a quarter of it with real, fresh unsalted butter. then I dissolve a little salt in the liquid (water, cream, milk - whatever is handy and depending on how long it's going to be out). Some of my best flavors come from LorAnn oils ( I also like creme bouquet and creme royale for a more traditional icing flavor (different companies). These are super potent and need to be kept out of kids reach. The keoke coffee and some others are dark colored so they will turn white icing ivory. If you make a sugar syrup and use a pastry brush to brush it on the cake, it will keep the cake moist. If you don't have time, works well too.

I'm a novice at all of this but not fearful - worst case is the icing is too still and I add more liquid or it's too soft and I add more sifted powdered sugar.

I've made cooked icing as well. Many are too sweet (from antique cookbooks) for me and most taste good but can't be used to decorating.

I hope this helps!