Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Boy Hero

While the girl and I were camping, the boy was performing. He plays the flute and marches in the band. He enjoyed the inclement weather. Something about lightening and a metal object in his hands must have made him feel fearless.

Back to his campus, they found the ceiling tiles bulging with water. In a heroic effort to save the new classroom (yes, NEW classroom, thank you taxpayers) he and another student put giant garbage cans under the leaks. The leaks were strong (and were reported as minor leaks earlier that week and not attended to -remember folks, it never rains in Southern California) and the boy was emptying the barrels. Working with one, the tiles broke open and he was doused with both stale and fresh water and ceiling debris.

This morning, running to church he sits in the car and says "I hope my shoes are dry." Sure, dry but they smelled rank. Poor kid was manning a sound and video board with smelly feet.

We are hoping the classroom was attended to before decades of sheet music, uniforms, and instruments are ruined by water. Really, it was a tragedy. The students have been in portable classrooms for a long time and are really proud of their new band room. Many teens volunteered many hours this summer to organize music, unpack boxes and parents have put a lot of energy into the program as well.

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