Friday, March 13, 2009

Holy smoke! I remembered my password!

And almost a year has gone by...

Things are good, I've had ups and downs and more downs, but overall I am mostly healthy, the kids are healthy, what more can you ask for? The boy is a junior, the girl finishing first grade and the are beautiful, brilliant children. I just marvel at them.

Today the boy went to a protest march and the girl to jazz and tap class. Now he is at a friend's place probably gaming and eating - a perfect guy night. He has a girlfriend and all that drama....who knew girls could be so annoying! But he is happy and I suppose that is what counts. The girl is a figure skater now. I suppose years of gymnastics (lol) prepped her for triple lutz's and sal chows. My bank account has prepped me for paying for single jumps. She has been in 3 comps since this past fall and placed 2 in her first and 1st in her last two. Did I mention she sings too? A lead solo in a christmas play...

Alas she is not much bigger... She will always be a little thing - she will probably barely make 5 feet tall. It's hard to imagine becasue her brother is almost 6 feet tall and now has muscles and shoulders and is well on his way to being a man. :(

And I went camping renctly and we woke up to a light snowfall every morning. Totally cool and MUCH better than rain.

Off to see how everyone is doing.


Elise said...

Where the hell have you been?? It's great to see you back. Missed you xx

Elise said...

Welcome back!

Where have you been???